Monocrystalline 48-cell
10W>industry average

  • JAM6(K)-48/4BB
  • Industry average


Weight: 15 Kg (3.2kg lighter than traditional 60-cell module)

Size: 1318mm*983mm (traditional 60-cell module is 1650mm*990mm)

more reasonable in using roof area and easier to install

About 5% more power output per square meter

Higher Conversion Efficiency--- more power output brought about by larger installed capacity per unit

Note: Cost saving estimation is made by comparison between 220W JAM6(K)-48/4BB module and 210W industry counterpart.

Industry average



Higher conversion efficiency,lower system cost per watt

Transportation cost 4%Land cost 3%Installation cost 2.5%BOS cost 1.5%

Note: Cost saving estimation is made by comparison between 220W JAM6(K)-48/4BB module and 210W industry counterpart.

  • 4% lowerTransportation cost
  • 3% lowerLand cost
  • 2.5% lowerInstallation cost
  • 1.5% lowerBOS cost

High Reliability

triple standard IEC long-term reliability test requirement

excelllent anti-PID performance

subfissure-free ( 100% passing double EL tests before leaving the factory)

double printing technology can significantly reduce cell grid breakage with better back contact and soldering performance

100% automatic and autonomous manufacturing

4BB design reduce cell series resistance and stress between cell interconnectors improves module reliability and module conversion effciency

IEC Standard Test
Thermal cycling,200 cycles
Damp heat 1000 hours
Humidty freeze 10 cycles
Hot spot endurance 5 hours
Thresher Test
Thermal cycling,600 cycles
Damp heat 3000 hours
Humidity freeze 30 cycles
Hot spot endurance 20 hours


Cell grid breakage
Silicon wafer
First printing
Silicon wafer
Double printing

PV Module


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